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Ms. Ann Hopkin doing a wheelchair distribution

The South St. George's Welfare Association has a number of programs to help the most needy of Grenada both following the devastation of Hurricane Ivan as well as ongoing initiatives that are designed to make significant and lasting changes in the lives of Grenadians for a brighter future for all.

Housing Assistance
Rebuilding and building back better following Ivan...

SSGWA has embarked on a program to help residents without adequate housing (especially after Ivan) to achieve the dream of home ownership through service.  The home's that SSGWA are building are built with termite-resistant materials and are built to withstanding hurricane force winds for longevity.  SSGWQ's program is designed to allow for the prospective residents to qualify for a home for just the cost of materials (without any mark-up whatsoever) by qualifying through service to the community and by helping build their homes or the homes of their neighbors.  In addition, SSGWA uses the aid of humanitarians from abroad to help sponsor the home, help to personally come to Grenada to assist in building the home and in so doing help teach local residents and community college students construction skills to further build back better, stronger, self-sufficient communities in the process.

Medical Outreach
From before Ivan to ongoing care for the needy after...

Owing to Ms. Ann Hopkin's background in nursing, SSGWA is focused on helping those residents who can't help themselves for medical reasons.  Ann and her team of volunteers are constantly in the community putting on health fairs, providing home health care and monitoring and caring for the home-bound / aged and for constantly looking for ways to improve the self-sufficiency of the disabled.  Recently, SSGWA distributed approximately 280 wheelchairs to the disabled and even helped a family build a ramp to free family members from constantly having to carry their son into and around their home for lack of access.

After School Kid's Programs
Ms. Hopkin's after school programs...

Ms. Ann Hopkin has been a strong advocate for better education of and enrichment for the children of Grenada.  To that end, SSGWA has started a pilot afterschool program for children in the St. George's Parish up stairs in a community building damaged by Ivan.  After school the kids in her program get exposure to math, English, reading through story times, art and a snack served at the end of the lesson period.  Ms. Hopkin sees great potential in the ability of this program to reach needy children and enrich their minds during the time they may otherwise be idle after regular school has adjourned.  As such, Ms. Hopkin and SSGWA would like to expand the program to all of Greanda's parish's as soon as possible through donations of funds for supplies and volunteers to teach in the program.

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